Residential DSL Internet

Residential DSL Internet

Product Speeds Up To
High Speed DSL 2 2Mb/800kb 25GB $24.99
High Speed DSL 6 6Mb/800kb 300GB $34.99
High Speed DSL 6 Unlimited 6Mb/800kb Unlimited $45.99
High Speed DSL 12 12Mb/1Mb 300GB $41.99
High Speed DSL 12 Unlimited 12Mb/1Mb Unlimited $54.99
High Speed DSL 16 16Mb/1Mb 300GB $45.99
High Speed DSL 16 Unlimited 16Mb/1Mb Unlimited $59.99
High Speed DSL 25 25Mb/7Mb 300GB $52.99*
High Speed DSL 25 Unlimited 25Mb/7Mb Unlimited $77.99*


  • Includes 3 email addresses
  • 5M Personal Web Space
  • 2 month rolling average for overage charges
  • Unlimited Usage between 2am and 8am

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