Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning has been part of our full I.T. solutions for over 10 years and we exceed at it. Backup services offered by Fusion I.T. will surpass any competitor with custom software installation, personalized support and email reports for all your important daily backups.

We work with our clients to fully understand their need and design a cost effective solution to ensure prompt recovery of their data.

Our solutions consist of both onsite and offsite backups deployment design to ensure prompt recovery.  Revision control also offers the recovery assurance needed in our fast pace environment, our solutions keep multiple version of all files being worked to ensure data integrity.

Backed data can be accessed by a click using any web browser or by using our backup application for further options allowing the clients to download different version of the files and choose where to restore them.  We also offer delivery options for faster recovery time of larger amount of data.

We do offer first time free consultation, if you have any questions, please contact us.


1670 Laurier st.
Rockland, Ontario
K4K 1L6

Phone: 613-912-8335


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